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What We Do

Visits by people to come and see what we are doing and how we are progressing. We have one of the best beaches in southern Mozambique on our doorstep so come and spend a few days in our guest house or camp site. The revenue from your stay will help us to become self-sufficient, which is one of our main goals!


While at the mission the children work hard to grow vegetables but a lack of access to water makes growing good vegetables very difficult. The Mission land is remote and wild and these children have very little. The few adults there are spread thin trying to fend for themselves.

Food and Nutrition

Through our very generous sponsors, we are currently able to provide at least one good meal a day. This helps to strengthen their immune systems and help them fight the infections that go hand in hand with living in the bush in Africa.


In collaboration with MercyAir South Africa, we are able to offer the children access to first-world medicine once a quarter. The on-going cost of medical care is however not something we are able to provide which means the quarterly visit is the total extent of the children’s access to medical care.

Dormitory and Bathrooms

The dormitory and included bathroom and washing facilities are in a desperate state. To illustrate we invite you to view the photos in our Gallery. We urgently need funds for the repair of the dormitory and bathrooms. At present, they only have a make-do dilapidated read “shelter” to which they have to carry a bucket of water. Alongside this, there is a pit latrine which is in an awful state.


As some of you might know by now, we eventually got connected to the electrical grid! After 18 years of running a few hours a day on a little old generator this is pure luxury! We are so excited and for the first time in our history we had one of our 2 water tanks overflowing! Relying on an old and often broken generator gave us many challenges, but the biggest of these challenges was probably that we often did not have enough water as we have to pump our own water from a well. This has now changed and we also now have a fridge/freezer so we can keep food longer.

More about Electricity

We now need to ensure that we manage the electricity wisely and do not run up an electricity bill which we cannot afford to pay. So far the children have really been good and have not left lights on unnecessarily. Proof of this is that since connection we have received two electricity bills and both have been less than the average monthly cost of fueling and repairing the old generator.

Bakery and Shop

The current condition of the bakery and shop is one of total disrepair. We need to refurbish the building to make it usable upon which we need to re-fit the shop and replace the bread machine.

Sales from our shop is the only source of income. This means that due to the current condition of the building and equipment, we have no additional income and are we completely dependent on donations.

Outdoor Kitchen

A kitchen has been built but is still in need of equipment so we can move into it. We need a fridge, freezer and a gas cooker. These items will allow for a much-improved state of hygiene. We also need help in marketing the mission – If we can get more traffic to pass through the facility we have a far better chance of becoming self-sufficient, which is one of our main goals.

Arts & Crafts

We have a volunteer program where volunteers can come and stay at the mission for varying lengths of time.
Activities include educational, spiritual and social interaction with the children, games and beach trips with the children, art and crafts projects with the communities, medical clinic outreaches and building projects at the mission.While in the area time can also be spent snorkelling, fishing and scuba diving with our affiliated operator – Gozo Azul.