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Welcome to Mamoli Mission Mozambique

Mamoli Mission Mozambique has been in existence since 1996.

It started out as the Mozambique Community Church and quickly grew to be more than a church.

Simao and Annette Mucache, who founded the church, soon realized there was no schooling in the area, so a school was started which included a boarding facility for a few children.

There were very few work opportunities and no shops to buy food, so a handicraft business was started, and an oven was built for baking bread.

A vegetable garden was also established in order to provide in the nutritional requirements of the children but also to sell in the shop.

In 2000 the school covered 7 grades and had 47 children (many of whom were orphans) in the boarding house. In 2001 the school received government permission to add grades 8 and 9, but only on the condition that we accommodate and feed those pupils for whom there was no government aid.

At that time, we were planning to build more accommodation and create a food budget for an estimated 40 new pupils who would otherwise have had to stop schooling.

In 2019 the FCCA through pastor Andre Smith got involved in the mission. Sr. Simao had passed away and the mission was without a caretaker and provider. This came to pastor André’s attention and he got involved.

After much negotiation with the owners of the land as well as the descendants of the previous caretakers, an agreement was reached in January 2020 whereby FCCA, through pastor André Smith, will caretake and manage the property in order to provide a home for the approximately 50 children.

Programs run under the mission include the church, school, boarding house, Mercy Air “flying doctor” service, handicrafts, bread baking, a campsite to bring in income, vegetables and health counselling regarding AIDS and TB.

Mercy Air outreaches include clinic visits as well as humanitarian and spiritual input into remote communities. Support needed in this project includes financial support for a nurse, clothes and blankets, building materials or money to put towards a clinic which we need to build.

Volunteers can sometimes be accommodated in this project. More information regarding this worthy initiative can be found at